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We ARE the specialists in Post Frame Engineering

Protect your building investment with professional engineering and avoid potential structural failures. Alliance has specialized in providing engineering services for post frame buildings (also commonly called pole buildings or pole barns) in both new construction and renovation. Such structures are used for a variety of commercial, residential and agricultural applications: barns, storage sheds, warehouses, wineries, event centers, equestrian centers, or garages.  

How To Order Pole Building Engineering

Below is the list of steps we take to design your pole building order. We believe that this system will save you time and money. This procedure is intended to eliminate slowdowns due to drawing errors and inconsistencies. This system should make it easier for you to get the right information to the engineers, designers and onto your drawing submittal package.

1. We receive the faxed or mailed Alliance Engineering Pole Building Engineering Order Form
2. The job is entered into our system based on the Order Form data.
3. The plan, elevations, and section preliminary drawings are prepared by a designer and forwarded to an engineer for detail structural design.
4. The engineer sizes members, prepares calculations, constriction notes and returns the marked-up drawings to the designer for final drafting.
5. An approval copy of the drawings is faxed to you for your review and approval.
6. You review and comment on the submitted design package.
7. We make the necessary changes and mail the package and invoice to you.

Typical Package Contents includes:
  • Design Drawings Stamped by a Licensed Engineer
  • Stamped Calculations showing Code compliance
  • Framing Details

This package will include the documentation typically required to obtain a building permit and build the structure. It will include design drawings and calculations that are stamped by a licensed engineer in your state. Your building will be designed to resist the environmental loads (i.e. snow, Wind, Seismic) that are specified by your local building department. Engineering documents and framing details will be included to ensure your materials are used properly.

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