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This page is designed to allow anyone to ask an engineer a technical question about design, construction, the Building Code or anything else you think an engineer could help you with. The engineer that will answer the questions is Nicholas Jasper, PE. Nicholas is one of the engineers at Alliance Engineering. He graduated from the University of Idaho in 1982 with a BS in Civil Engineering. Nicholas has done design work on several nuclear power generating plants and on the Space Shuttle solid rocket booster project. He also worked on the nuclear weapons cleanup project in Hanford, Washington. In 1998 Nicholas started Alliance Engineering with John Feskens, PE. Since then the engineers and designers at Alliance have designed thousands of post frame buildings. They have designed residential, commercial and industrial buildings and answered many, many questions about all phases of building planning, building design, building permitting and building construction.

If you have a question about your building project – ask it here, one of us might be able to help. Please understand that the questions answered on this blog do not in any way constitute actual design documentation. The only engineering information that can be used for permitting or construction shall be drawn or written on substantial media and shall bear the seal and signature of a licensed engineer.

One more thing – you can always call us directly and speak to a real, live engineer. We really do want to help you with your project. We have lots of experience and we are licensed in 40 states.

Give us a call at: (503) 589 1727.
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